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Population Ecology of Roosevelt Elk: Conservation and Management in Redwood National and State Parks (Hardcover)

Population Ecology of Roosevelt Elk: Conservation and Management in Redwood National and State Parks By Butch Weckerly Cover Image
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The Roosevelt elk populate the parks along California’s north coast and comprise the largest land mammals in the parks, some weighing up to 1,200 pounds. They are a stable terrestrial land mammal population, a fixture in the parks, but still require ongoing stewardship and management.
In a study spanning more than twenty years, Weckerly made key observations and conducted various investigations under a multitude of ecological conditions. Few authors have dedicated this much time and effort into a single research area. It is a testament to perseverance that his groundbreaking study of the Roosevelt elk was so successful. He was able to document the independent dynamics of several herds of female elk, experience the extinction of one of their subpopulations, and record scientific conclusions in the context of resiliency and redundancy of the elk population.
This book will be of considerable interest to those who investigate the ecology of big game animals, including naturalists, hunters, and individuals with particular interest in Redwood State and National Parks. It is an important book that contributes substantially to the persistence and viability of Roosevelt elk in the parks and the surrounding area.

About the Author

Floyd “Butch” Weckerly is professor of biology and director of the M.S. Wildlife Ecology program at Texas State University. He lives in San Marcos, TX.

Praise For…

"Population Ecology of Roosevelt Elk is written in a style aimed at a broad range of audiences. The author is cognizant of the potential readership, so he does a good job of simplifying complicated modeling and ecological theories while maintaining necessary detail...these elk are a key draw for park visitors and are an integral component of coastal redwood ecosystems. Accordingly, the author’s 20 years of study form the foundation for a tractable survey protocol for use by RNSP biologists. Perhaps most importantly, the author’s work can serve as an inspiration to researchers striving to maintain long-term ecological research with limited support through perseverance and innovative thinking." 
The Journal of Wildlife Management​


"In the wildlife profession, we are rarely afforded the opportunity to conduct research at a single site for over 20 years. The author has done an admirable job in capturing his long-term research through the presentation of study results and anecdotal stories related to his experiences in the field... Population Ecology of Roosevelt Elk would be a good addition to the library of anyone interested in elk and conservation management." 
Journal of Mammalogy

“The book is well written, interesting, and should be of interest to a wide array of people. Most scientific aspects of the book are spot on. I think this is a book that should be of value to a broad audience, including visitors to the parks, and not just scientists.”
Terry Bowyer, Idaho State University

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ISBN: 9781943859504
ISBN-10: 1943859507
Publisher: University of Nevada Press
Publication Date: September 27th, 2017
Pages: 224
Language: English