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Shaman of Souls: Scars of the Necromancer Book One (Paperback)

Shaman of Souls: Scars of the Necromancer Book One By R. M. Wilshusen Cover Image
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"The well-developed characters ease readers into the] mystery... with details revealed only gradually, and genuinely shocking turns. " - Kirkus Reviews

Young Xeile is dying, and in his final act he sets out on a mission to find the one who killed his mother. But the mission is complicated when clues lead him to Trifectus, a city that's just been locked down due to two brutal killings. Xeile quickly discovers that to complete his task he must help the peacekeeping Guardians of Trifectus solve the double murder. To even have a chance of cracking the case, Xeile will have to commune with spirits to find the killer, an act considered almost impossible by most of the living and punishable by death to the rest. Yet as he speaks to those spirits of the past, he uncovers a dark future. The murders of both the townsfolk and his mother are just the beginning, heralding the return of sinister magic and death for the entirety of the continent. Will Xeile be able to find the answers he seeks? Or will death take him before he can fulfill his dying wish?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781737016502
ISBN-10: 1737016508
Publisher: Sidhe Publishing LLC
Publication Date: May 28th, 2022
Pages: 618
Language: English