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The Discovery of Tahiti (Paperback)

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Romance and the islands have gone hand-in-hand since the bare-breasted young women of Tahiti gave a rousing welcome to the 18th-century European adventurers who discovered the island. It was not just a tropical port of call that Captain Wallis and his men found, but their tales of golden girls and a majestic island queen became a foundation stone of the Romantic Movement, an enduring inspiration for writers, artists, filmmakers ... mutineers.Joan Druett follows up her prize-winning biography of the remarkable priestly navigator, Tupaia, by bringing this extraordinary story to life.

About the Author

Joan Druett is an independent maritime historian and writer, married to Ron Druett, a highly regarded maritime artist. In 1984, while exploring the tropical island of Rarotonga, she slipped into the hole left by the roots of a large uprooted tree, and at the bottom discovered the grave of a young American whaling wife, who had died in January 1850 at the age of twenty-four. It was a life-changing experience. Her immediate interest in whaling captains' wives at sea was encouraged by a Fulbright fellowship, which led to five months of research in New Bedford and Edgartown, in Massachusetts, Mystic, Connecticut, and San Francisco, California, and resulted in her study of whaling captains' wives under sail, Petticoat Whalers. The success of this book, and a companion volume, She Was a Sister Sailor, was followed by Hen Frigates, Wives of Merchant Captains Under Sail, which was given a New York Public Library Best to Remember Award, while She Was a Sister Sailor won the John Lyman Award for Best Book of American Maritime History. Joan Druett's ground-breaking work in the field of seafaring women was also recognized by a L. Byrne Waterman Award. Her non-fiction account of a double castaway experience in the sub-Antarctic, Island of the Lost, has become a classic in the genre. Then her strong interest in the stories of the Pacific Islanders who sailed on Euro-American ships led to a biography of an extraordinary Polynesian star navigator, Tupaia, which won the general nonfiction prize in the 2012 New Zealand Post Book Awards. Joan Druett is also the author of the popular Wiki Coffin mysteries, which have a half-Maori, half-Yankee hero. Her publications, which include three romantic sagas, have been translated into Chinese, French, Russian, Italian and German.

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