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Peace, Love, Goats of Anarchy: How My Little Goats Taught Me Huge Lessons about Life (Hardcover)

Peace, Love, Goats of Anarchy: How My Little Goats Taught Me Huge Lessons about Life By Leanne Lauricella, Alli Brydon Cover Image
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Leanne Lauricella,"Goat Mama" to the famous Goats of Anarchy, reveals the life lessons that these special needs goats have taught her. Part humor, part memoir of her life with the goats, and part testament to the power of giving back, Peace, Love, Goats of Anarchy is a moving read for animal lovers of every kind.

When Leanne left her job as an event planner in New York City, she had no idea that in just four short years, her home—both inside and out—would evolve into a farm sanctuary for special needs goats

The inspiring stories—accompanied by a wealth of heart-melting photos of Leanne's rescue goats—tell how these special animals taught her lessons about:
  • Change
  • Finding purpose
  • Unconditional love
  • Strength
  • Confidence
  • Patience
  • Grief and courage
  • How to fight like a goat
  • Hope
Laugh, cry, and be amazed by how much a few goats can teach you about life in Peace, Love, Goats of Anarchy.

About the Author

Leanne Lauricella knew nothing about animal sanctuary life when she left New York City for the wilds of New Jersey. She started her Instagram account @goatsofanarchy in 2014, shortly after getting her first two goats, Jax and Opie. Over 570,000 Instagram followers and three Webby Awards later, Goats of Anarchy has evolved into a non-profit organization that teaches acceptance and inclusion and provides special-needs goats a happy and loving forever home. Today, Leanne somehow finds time to write about everyday life at her sanctuary while caring for her goat family. She shares with the world her goats' inspiring stories in the books Goats of Anarchy and Peace, Love, Goats of Anarchy and the children’s books Polly and Her Duck Costume, The Goat with Many Coats, Piney the Goat Nanny, and Angel and Her Wonderful Wheels. Goats of Anarchy wall calendars provide a daily reminder of these inspiring stories.
Instagram: @goatsofanarchy
Facebook: @thegoatsofanarchy

Alli Brydon grew up in a family of visual artists, wordsmiths, and readers who nurtured both the creative and detail-oriented sides of her personality. After she earned her MFA in Poetry from Sarah Lawrence College in 2005, her passion for economical language and evocative imagery led her to a career in children's book publishing. Equally at home at an art museum or in the library, reading children’s books with her kids or writing them in her spare time—she balances life with work, perseverance, and ink!

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ISBN: 9781631065651
ISBN-10: 1631065653
Publisher: Rock Point
Publication Date: October 2nd, 2018
Pages: 128
Language: English