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Just Chocolate: Everything You Need to Know About Chocolate (Paperback)

Just Chocolate: Everything You Need to Know About Chocolate By Stephen S. Alison Cover Image
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"Just Chocolate" is a comprehensive guide to Everything You Need to Know about Chocolate including detailed information on the History of Chocolate, Interesting Facts about Chocolate, Types of Chocolate, Chocolate and Health and the Health Effects of Chocolate. It includes 50+ Delectable Chocolate Recipe Variations covering 11 different recipe categories. Chocolate is a treasured dessert across the world, but few people realize how unique and special the decadent treat actually is. Beginning with the people of Meso-america, chocolate has had a reigning role in many cultural traditions. Whether it is used to symbolize wealth and importance or is given as an expression of love and admiration, chocolate has earned a status that many other types of food can never hope to reach. Chocolate is mood enhancing stuff, containing chemicals that have been scientifically proven to cheer you up, alleviate aches and pains, and even make you feel as though you're falling in love. Chocolate has been used for hundreds of years to cure many ailments, including headaches, stomach troubles and fatigue. Modern dark chocolate contains the same properties as the medicinal chocolate that physicians used in the past and therefore offers many of the same healing benefits. When consumed in moderate amounts, chocolate has several health benefits. The Aztecs thought that the cacao tree was sent from their god. They used it to cure ailments, improve overall health and as an aphrodisiac Chocolate contains chemicals that release endorphins that reduce pain and increase feelings of joy. Chocolate has nearly as many antioxidants as tea. Antioxidants prevent free radicals from damaging cells in the body. Chocolate acts as a mild amphetamine due to the small amount of caffeine that it contains, so it boosts energy and increases alertness. Despite its high fat content, consuming chocolate does not raise blood cholesterol levels. On average, a single American will consume more than 11 pounds of chocolate each year, while one person in Switzerland will consume over 22 pounds of chocolate. Chocolate may have properties that actually prevent tooth decay rather than causing it. Chocolate does not contribute to acne breakouts or migraines. When consumed in moderate amounts, chocolate has several health benefits.

About the Author

Stephen S Alison was a Director of a major US international financial institution based in the United Kingdom and Switzerland and a Director, management consulting for one of the big 4 consulting firms based in Central Europe and Switzerland. He is married with two daughters. He is retired and lives in Switzerland with his wife, a married daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren. He has devoted his retirement to reading, research and writing. He enjoys down-hill skiing, cooking and blogging and owns and operates a number of blogs covering numerous niche Internet topics. He loves chocolate and eats as much chocolate as the average Swiss national who consumes over 22 pounds of chocolate each year. Switzerland is one of the world's great gourmet chocolate producers and Stephen was inspired to write "Just Chocolate" as a way of sharing his passion for Swiss chocolate.

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