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Handbook of Mammals of Madagascar (Hardcover)

Handbook of Mammals of Madagascar By Nick Garbutt Cover Image
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Madagascar is home to one of the most remarkable assemblages of mammals on earth. Millions of years of isolation has resulted in the evolution of a suite of species that are exceptional for two major reasons. Firstly, every native non-volant species (approximately 210 species) is endemic. No other island or place on earth boasts such a combination of species richness and endemism. And secondly, these mammals have evolved an extraordinary diversity of body forms and lifestyles often displaying significant convergence with forms elsewhere but also at times evolving utterly unique features.

Handbook of the Mammals of Madagascar describes all 217 native species, including bats, tenres, mice and lemurs, and a small number of introduced, non-native species. Species accounts are subdivided into sections covering description and identification, habitat and distribution (including distribution maps), behaviour and where to see. Over the past 15 years, major advances in research have been made into the island's mammal fauna and species accounts include all the latest information.

Supporting chapters cover the island's regions and habitats, threats to mammals, conservation and important mammal watching sites. There is also a section covering the bizarre extinct mammal fauna.

Throughout, the book is illustrated with exceptional, high-quality photography, often featuring species rarely photographed previously.

About the Author

Nick Garbutt is Britain's best-known and most popular authority on Madagascar's wildlife. He has observed almost all of Madagascar's mammals in the wild - a claim only a handful of others can make. He is also a talented artist and wildlife photographer.

Praise For…

“Truly spectacular, an immense achievement. The photos are awesome and it's rare to see a guide book that is also so meticulous in providing available information on life history and biology.” —Dr PJ Stephenson

“A fascinating and beautifully illustrated book. A cherished resource.” —Dr David Krause

Product Details
ISBN: 9781472985934
ISBN-10: 1472985931
Publisher: Bloomsbury Wildlife
Publication Date: February 28th, 2023
Pages: 448
Language: English