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Modern Bonsai Practice: 501 Principles of Good Bonsai Horticulture (Hardcover)

Modern Bonsai Practice: 501 Principles of Good Bonsai Horticulture By Larry W. Morton, Walter Pall (Artist) Cover Image
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The most current, useful information on growing Bonsai. Fresh, practical, definitive, comprehensive reference guide to the finest art of horticulture: growing miniature trees. Common sense bonsai answers separating myth from fact with depth and detail. Appropriate for both bonsai hobbyists and experienced practitioners. Featuring Walter Pall Bonsai.


Foreword, by Walter Pall 7

Acknowledgements 9

Introduction: From the Plant's Point of View 11

Soil and Substrate Questions

Out of Sight Is Not Out of Mind 17

Organic and Inorganic Materials 20

Physical Properties 26

Chemical Properties 32

Biological Properties 35

Understanding Fertilizers

Essential Elements 38

Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers 40

Fertilize Flawlessly 43

Feeding 101 47

Fast or Slow 49

Liquid or Granular 52

Spring or Fall 54

By the Numbers 55

Fertilizers Are Supplements 62

Can't Always Blame Fertilizers 64

Understanding Biostimulants and Other Such Chemicals 635

Growing Superb Roots

The Perfect Tree 73

Growing Superb Roots 73

Sink Your Roots 75

How Roots Respond 81

Root Pruning 86

The Root Collar 90

Getting Back to Roots 92

Keeping Branches Happy

Branch Parts 97

Keeping Branches Happy 97

Switching Systems 101

Branch Responses 104

The Form of Trees 106

Branching Out 112

Pruning and Manipulating Stems

What Is Pruning? 117

Responses to Branch Pruning 117

Before Making the Cut 119

That Was a Kind Cut 123

Prune Like a Pro 127

Wiring, Major Bending and Minor

Tree Surgery 135

Tools of the Trade 139

Treat My Cuts 139

Keeping Foliage Happy

Solar Power 144

How Foliage Responds 146

Budding Bonsai 151

Leave Our Leaves 152

They Shrunk My Leaves 157

Leaves a' Blazing 158

Responding to Potting

Plants Grow in a Tightly Connected Systems 162

Why and When to Repot 162

Before Potting or Transplanting 166

During Potting 167

After Potting 170

Water, Light, and Temperature

Water Wisely 175

Lighten Up 182

This Cold, Cold Pot 185

Extreme Heat 188

Bonsai Challenges

Content with Our Natural Beauty 192

Why We Are So Small 192

How We Adapt 194

Looking Good 197

Pestering Pathogens 200

Good and Bad 202

Crawling Critters 203

Time to Recover 204

Walter Pall Gallery 209

Index 335

About the Author: Larry Morton, BS Ornamental Horticulture, is the former owner of Landscape Consultants, Inc, and Preferred Trees Nursery. He provides seasoned, proven, professional advice on how you can care for your miniature trees.

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ISBN: 9780692521397
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Publisher: Larry Morton
Publication Date: May 25th, 2016
Pages: 346
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