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Pacific Profiles Volume 10: Allied Fighters: P-47d Thunderbolt Series Southwest Pacific 1943-1945 (Paperback)

Pacific Profiles Volume 10: Allied Fighters: P-47d Thunderbolt Series Southwest Pacific 1943-1945 By Michael Claringbould Cover Image
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" exceptional book for enthusiasts and modelers of the P-47 Thunderbolt, Fifth Air Force fighters, and the Southwest Pacific air war." -- Aeroscale

The ongoing Pacific Profiles series presents the most accurate WWII profiles of aircraft which served throughout the South Pacific. Volume 10 covers the P-47D Thunderbolt which flew combat missions in the New Guinea theater until mid-1945, serving with a total of eleven Fifth Air Force USAAF combat squadrons, Fifth Fighter Command and the Combat Replacement Training Center.

Most profiles are presented for the first time, alongside an explanation of markings, including squadron heraldry and identifiers. Frequent airframe reassignments between units resulted in wide-ranging unit markings and nose art. Until now there has been a paucity of material about several units, especially those which entered the theater after the infamous 348th Fighter Group. This volume also rectifies past misidentifications resulting from the widespread practice of swapping attractively decorated cowls, often commissioned for generous reward.

Each profile is supported by photos and/or documentation, along with a brief aircraft history. Wide-ranging primary reference material is cited including official squadron records, color movies, maintenance logs, diaries, wreck site inspections and multifarious reference photos including color slides. A brief summary history of each unit and the rationale of its markings completes the text.

The author is world-renown for his expertise on the Pacific air war. Never before have Pacific P-47s been illustrated with such colorful accuracy and detail.

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ISBN: 9780645700404
ISBN-10: 0645700401
Publisher: Avonmore Books
Publication Date: May 18th, 2023
Pages: 108
Language: English